How to open the container door lock?

Editor:嘉兴世龙运输设备部件有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-12-23 

There are many ways to connect the container door lock and the car body. Some are directly welded to the car body. The lock can only be twisted and cannot be moved longitudinally. This is called a fixed type; some twist locks are fixedly connected to the car body through a bracket. The head can not only be twisted but also stretched longitudinally. When not in use, the lock head can be lowered below the load-bearing surface to adapt to different standard box types. This type is called lift type; some turn locks are hinged on the car body or made It can be moved, so that the fastening position can be adjusted, which greatly improves the driving rate of the vehicle; there is also a plug-in turn lock, the lock shaft extends into the fixed part of the box like a bolt, generally with other types of turn locks With the use of. When the container is hoisted onto the load surface of the vehicle, make the corner fitting hole at the bottom of the container just fall at the position where the lock is installed. By twisting the handle of the turn lock, the lock head will be fixed at a prescribed corner position (usually 90 degrees or 70 degrees) ) To make the rotary lock in a locked condition. For the lift-type turn lock, the handle is pushed longitudinally to raise the lock head, extend into the inner cavity of the bottom corner piece of the container, and then twist to a specified angle to lock the corner of the container. Some swivel locks are equipped with a tightening device. By tightening, the lock head can press down on the bottom surface of the inner cavity of the corner piece to prevent the corner of the box from lifting, which ensures that the locking is more secure and reliable.

With the continuous progress of modern manufacturing technology, the manufacturing process of container turn locks is becoming more and more perfect and standardized. The company strictly controls the raw material procurement, production management, product testing and other links to ensure product quality. The main features of the product are: convenient and flexible operation, high safety and reliability, and long service life. After the surface treatment of the product, the surface of the parts has high corrosion resistance, damp heat resistance, salt spray resistance and other characteristics, which can meet the conditions of use in coastal areas and hot and humid climates. In addition to looking at the appearance of the product, we must pay more attention to the internal quality. The quality control inside the rotary lock is extremely strict. The physical and chemical properties of the parts must meet the relevant standards, and the lock shaft must pass strict tensile test requirements.